Buy MX41/AR Rubber Ear Cushion with Bracket
Buy a MX41/AR Rubber Ear Cushion with Bracket

The MX41/AR rubber ear cushion comes standard with the OtoScreen III product. The OtoScreen IV and OtoPulse come standard with a plastic ear cushion, however the MX41/AR cushion can be substituted at the time of purchase.

If you purchased an OtoScreen IV or OtoPulse with a plastic ear cushion and prefer to have the MX41/AR rubber ear cushion, you can purchase them online here. The type of ear cushion will affect the calibration so it is recommended that the unit be re-calibrated when changing ear cushion types.

MX41/AR rubber ear cushion with mounting bracket:
$20.00 + $3 shipping and handling (USA Only)

There are additional charges for international customers. Please call 1-801-523-2453 before placing an order on this website

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MX41/AR Rubber Ear Cushion $20.00

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