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Handtronix Website to be absorbed by

Posted 2/20/2018

Noyl, LLC announced that that its website will be shutdown in 2018 and fully absorbed by the existing website. All future sales and service will be through the Noyl, LLC website

OtoMD released to distributors

Posted 1/15/2017 releases the OtoMD product to distrubutors

Noyl, LLC announces a new product the OtoMD

Posted 8/10/2016

Noyl, LLC announced the development of a new product called the OtoMD. The focus of this product is for Physicians to use during standard physical examinations to do a quick-check of the patient's hearing

Special Offer to Head Start Programs.

Posted 6/25/2015

Noyl, LLC announced special offer to help Head Start Programs to screen their children's hearing

OtoSimple hearing screener is now available for purchase.

Posted 2/6/2015

New OtoSimple hearing screener for screening seniors is now available for purchase. Special offer available for first time buyers!

Handtronix wins local award.

Posted 1/5/2015

Handtronix, Inc, a subsidiary of Noyl, LLC, won the Sandy City award for best medical supply store in 2014.

New trade-in program to upgrade to an OtoScreen III, OtoScreen IV or OtoPulse from older OtoScreen I&II screeners.

Posted 11/3/2014

An upgrade program has been launched to give customers who own older OtoScreen models to upgrade to the new models: OtoScreen III, OtoScreen IV or OtoPulse. Click the "Purchase" tab above and then click "Special Offers" for details.

Noyl, LLC announces the future product OtoSimple.

Posted 9/15/2014

Noyl, LLC announced the future release of the OtoSimple hearing screening device. OtoSimple is a one-button 40 db only hearing screener targeted for screening the senior population.

Noyl, LLC releases three new OtoScreen hearing screener models.

Posted 8/30/2014

Noyl, LLC has released three new OtoScreen hearing screener models to the market: OtoScreen III, OtoScreen IV and OtoPulse. All three models are being marketed and sold via the company which is wholly owned by Noyl, LLC. Click on the "Our Products" tab above to learn the details about each new OtoScreen device.

Noyl, LLC acquires controlling shares of Handtronix, Inc.

Posted 8/15/2014

Noyl, LLC acquired Campbell's Scientific's majority shares in Handtronix, Inc for a controlling interest in the company.

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