OtoScreen III Special Offers
Save on yearly calibration costs!

Get a Trade-In credit for your old OtoScreen I or OtoScreen II toward a new OtoScreen III

This offer is available to the general public. OtoScreen III is more accurate, more stable over time and 30% less expensive to calibrate.

Receive $75 credit toward a new OtoScreen III unit when you trade-in your old OtoScreen I or OtoScreen II unit.

Click the highlighted "Trade-In" button on the left to purchase this option. Send your old unit to:

Atten: Trade-Ins
13894 South Bangerter Parkway, Suite 200
Draper, UT 84020

Include a copy of the purchase page with your name and mailing address in the box with your old unit.

For information about other offers and to get offer passwords, e-mail us at: specials@HearingScreeners.com

OtoScreen III (Standard)
OtoScreen III (Pediatric)

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