What Unit Type?

The OtoScreen I, II, III, IV and OtoPulse physically look the same. The color of the switch plates vary as shown below:

The easiest way to tell if you have an OtoScreen I, II or III is to look at the embedded writing on the lid. An OtoScreen I or II Unit will say "OtoScreen I" on the lid while an OtoScreen III will only say "OtoScreen." If you are still not sure, send an e-mail to information@HearingScreeners.com with your serial number.

OtoScreen I and II Units are older analog devices. They cost more to re-calibrate because the processes are more difficult and time consuming due to the older technology. We recommend upgrading your OtoScreen I unit to a newer one. Trade-In credits are available - click the "Buy OtoScreen III Trade-In Offer" button on the left.

OtoScreen I,II,III
OtoScreen I,II,III
OtoScreen IV

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