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OtoScreen Model Comparison Chart
III IV Pulse Simple
Lower cost of calibration than OtoScreen I and OtoScreen II
Unit has four frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000 & 4000 Hz
40db HL loud sound level tone
When the unit is on there is always a tone present    
"Scan" button must be held down to present a tone    
"Boost" button must be held down to present the 40dB tone      
Unit has a 40db "Toggle" button instead of a "Boost" button    
Standard version has 25db HL for soft sound level tone  
Pediatric version available: 20db HL for soft sound level tone  
Tone pulses every 200 millisecond when "Scan" button is held down      
Unit can be converted to a version III, IV or Pulse for a fee  
Unit comes with standard rubber MX-41A ear cushion Option Option Option
Power on to tone delay (Seconds) 1 Sec 1 Sec 0 Sec 0 Sec
Automatic power off delay time (Seconds) 4 Secs 30 Secs 60 Secs 60 Secs

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